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Personnel agency service Labor dispatch service Business progress outsourcing Wages and salaries Business service consultation Employee care and welfare Individual Services Innovative R & D products
Personnel agency service

Personnel policy consultation, personnel agency, talent dispatch, statutory social insurance agency and management of retirement

Labor dispatch service

In response to the employment needs of enterprises, the labor dispatch method is used to solve the temporary, auxiliary and substitute employment management problems

Business progress outsourcing

The comprehensive and professional outsourcing services provided by JOCHRO help customers separate non-core positions or business processes. Through professional personnel management and standardized operating procedures, they simplify customer employment procedures and reduce personnel management costs; with advanced IT Supported by technology and operating system, it reduces enterprise employment risks and improves enterprise management efficiency, freeing customers from tedious transactional work and investing their experience in more valuable core business.

Wages and salaries

Provide customers with a full range of special compensation management services such as creation, implementation, and maintenance, and help customers establish and improve compensation systems and systems. One-stop management services for the whole process of salary and tax including outsourcing of salary process service, salary distribution, national individual tax payment, and individual tax compliance consulting.

Business service consultation

Local policy consultation and legal consultation

Employee care and welfare

Commercial insurance, supplementary medical care for employees, employee clubs, birthday condolences, holiday condolences, heatstroke prevention packages, etc.

Individual Services

Special customized recruitment service, single account service, Shanghai residence permit points

Innovative R & D products

Job outsourcing and flexible employment. Full-risk dispatch, part-time employment. In response to the problem of enterprise labor demand, the labor dispatch method is used to solve the temporary, auxiliary, and alternative job management problems. The non-core job outsourcing model helps to meet the demand for flexible labor, and solves the problem of insufficient staffing and insufficient staff.